Artist Album Release Year Link
Boat Burning s/t EP 2018 Bandcamp
DCIC Holiday Ruminations 2017 Bandcamp
DCIC Ministry of Spontaneous Composition 2016 Bandcamp
DCIC In the Gloam of the Anthropocene 2014 Bandcamp
Jonathan Matis Stone Rocket / Akeboki 2013 Bandcamp
Low End String Quartet Restonia / Into the Midnight Sun 2013 Bandcamp
Jonathan Matis On the inevitability of loss 2011 Bandcamp
Jonathan Matis Holy Crap I am Alive 2009 Bandcamp
DCIC Live at Warehouse with Greg Osby 2009 Bandcamp
Low End String Quartet Blunt Objects 2009 Bandcamp
DCIC Triangulation 2007 Bandcamp
Fending/Matis Three Rocks 2006 Bandcamp
DCIC Meme and Variations 2006 Bandcamp
DCIC Here, We Are 2003 Bandcamp
Fending/Matis Shiny & Round 2001 Bandcamp
Gray Code Live in Philadelphia 2001 Archive.org
Braxton/Matis Death Slug 2000 2000 Bandcamp
Jonathan Matis Four Sculptures 2000 Bandcamp
Zitt/Matis Even the Widest Aardvark Outdreams the Gnu 1999 Bandcamp


Assorted "Novelties" and studio creations
Title Audio
Bowling For Women mp3
Duodenum mp3
Soda Can Mambo mp3 | lyrics
Pi to 100 Places mp3 | lyrics

Notated Music:

Saxophone Quartet
Title Audio Score
1. Fast mp3 pdf
2. Slow mp3 pdf
3. Fantasy on a Hymn Setting by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav mp3 pdf
Performed by:
Jonathan Girard: soprano, Tim Fleming: alto, Brian Brouillard: tenor, Rob Thornton: baritone

As Darkness Falls, for string orchestra
Title Audio Score
1. slow mp3 pdf
2. perpetual motion mp3 pdf
3. the river of already mp3 pdf
Performed by:
Members of the Hartt School Symphony Orchestra